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The beauty of the unforgettable face Madhubala is known to almost every Indian, irrespective of age, caste, gender. Her smile has smitten many over the last six decades – even long after her departure from Indian cinema. Unfortunately her audiences were so mesmerised by her unprecedented beauty that they could rarely appreciate her acting.


The musical event ‘Madhurbala’ covers Madhubala’s life story, from her birth, early astrological predictions, her days as a child star, her first break, her interactions with her co-stars & producers/ directors, the unhappy incident of ‘Naya Daur’, the saga of great epic ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, her unexpected marriage with Kishore Kumar, right up to her last days and her sufferings…


All this through songs from her films… Some famous lilting foot-tapping songs, Some rare melodies. All in all a true musically enriching experience…a true tribute to the most unforgettable face of Indian cinema… the one and only – Madhubala.


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