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For the last six decades, if there has been one voice which has ruled the hearts of every Indian, it was undoubtedly Lata Mangeshkar’s.


It would be in fact a Herculean task to find an Indian who has never heard of this nightingale. But hardly anyone knows of the difficulties she had to face to reach this apex. A beautiful bouquet of 75 choicest of songs by Lata Mangeshkar, Amrit Lata is an excellent presentation brushing on every vital incidence in her life with an appropriate song of her own to fit every occasion. The show covers her professional life and interactions with various composers right from Dutta Dawjekar (who gave her her first break) up to A R Rehman.


All the music composers had their unique styles and Amrit Lata highlights these nuances and the rapport these composers enjoyed with Lata Mangeshkar. What makes Amrit Lata a treat to your ears and heart is the selection and presentation of 75 songs from over 5,000 songs, in their original flavour created by original instruments used for accompaniment in that era.

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